“It feels like you're taking a break from life. You are not breathing and in this in between world: not dead nor alive. I have experienced depression, so I know what it feels like to not wanting to live anymore.
When I freedive I am really grateful to be alive and to experience this in between state. “ - Judith de Waard, Dutch recordholder women freediving, 51 meters
In The In Between we encounter freediver Judith de Waard, hanging 5 meters below the water's surface. She holds her breath for 3 minutes in real time. She fights the contractions her body produces as she runs out of air.  The mental state of the freediver under the water can be described as suspended between life and death. 

@Museum Tent Rotterdam 16-26 of June 2022
@Video Art Miden Festival, Kalamata Greece, 8th of July 2023
@Sanktstudio, Berlin, Germany, 4th of November 2023
@PaperCut Festival, Athene, Greece, 11the of May 2024

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